Warframe’s Nightwave Update Is Pretty Awesome

Warframes new Nightwave system does grinding right

If you’ve played Warframe for a while, you may have felt like I did, that the alert system was pretty boring and uncompelling. Kind of a daily grind, or something you’d have to keep tabs on in the hopes that some Nitain, or an Aura Mod would become available.

When I heard about the Nightwave system I wasn’t so sure how good it would be. Honestly, another Syndicate rep grind wasn’t something I was looking forward too.

Right off the bat, I hated it. First, I wasn’t very happy with the character of Nora, and still, am not, but the underlying system is actually incredibly good, and hits some points that some people have been talking about for ages. Not just the alerts system, but endurance players.

Back before my time, apparently the way to get Prime Gear in Warframe was to do an endurance run in the void, now that that mechanic has disappeared in favor of Void Relics, there are a lot of people who still have the compulsion to do endurance runs even though the rewards and the reasons for doing them are, ostensibly long gone. For some new players, endurance runs give the game a feel of continuity that it currently lacks.

Warframe is really a solo game that keeps trying to convince everyone it’s an MMORPG/Looter Shooter whosa whatsit, but at the end of the day, half the missions, and half the grind, are easier solo — it’s just boring.

Endurance runs, with a small squad makes the game seem so much more — peopled — and meaningful, even though you aren’t really getting the best of rewards for staying an hour in. Then I saw this:

Wow, a reason to do long endurance runs!

I admit I’d been pretty miffed at DE the past few days when I learned that Cephalon Jizo had been rejected for the 10th time by DE to become a Warframe partner, with no explanation. I don’t know the guy personally, but he’s a prominent youtuber who makes a lot of Warframe Guides and interesting content. After hearing his story, I was kind of in a “well effe you guys” kind of mood.

But at the end of the day, for all of DEs faults, they did listen to people, especially those complaining about lack of endurance rewards. It still doesn’t address the whole banana, but it’s another piece of proof that the Devs do listen, and they do try to come up with meaningful content and mechanics that support diverse playing styles, even if those playing styles are ostensibly outside the original intent of the game, or the missions.

In this weeks Nightwave, there are two endurance run challenges, both rewarding 5,000 standing. Making them very tempting even for people who haven’t really done that kind of thing before. The other interesting aspect is that it emphasizes and rewards team play.

There is also the aspect of Nightwave that seems to weave the alert system, and the Baro Ki’Teer system and the Riven Mod Challenges into one. They haven’t come up with something completely new, instead they’ve refined a couple of things that work well, into something that works really well — so far.

An added bonus, is that they have added a lore component, with stories even if those stories are poorly told and nonsensical

For instance, the Wolf of Saturn Six is supposedly about a Jailbreak. And Nightwave is supposed to be a kind of underground rebel radio station. Check, check.

Then why the hell do we get standing for recapturing the escapees from a Grineer prison? Shouldn’t we be rescuing them? It makes no sense…at all.

Maybe I’m confused about the story, maybe I have it wrong — but then, whose fault is that?

I mean, if someone leaves a Batman movie sure that Bruce Wayne is the Joke and Harvey Dent is Batmans father who was killed at Wayne Tower by Lucious Fox then Storytelling: You’re doing it wrong.

Now, maybe it’ll all make sense when the whole story is revealed, and maybe not — it is after all just a game. I remember how painful the Mirage Quest was. You had this heart wrenching, heroic narrative that was constantly being ruined by the most stilted and contrived poetry I’ve ever read.

There once was a frame from Nantucket…

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