Actually I love Handmade hero and Casey’s work on it. I’m not against making games from scratch, and I’ve used C + SDL 1.2 and SDL2. I’m not a huge fan of C++. I’ve also made game projects using both, and embedding Lua or TinyScheme. That was what motivated my question. I am interested in making games, and I recognize that frameworks can be leveraged to accomplish it faster, but what I feel frameworks help with, more than anything, is the packaging and deployment. For me, that’s the real devil of game development.

The code is not the problem for me, or writing the logic of the game, it’s how do I have a pipeline for all the other bits, and does that save me time? How about developing for multiple platforms?

Obviously these are all solvable problems even in pure C, or a stripped-down C++.

I’m not against frameworks, I’d just rather do more with code, than with a GUI, but as I am going along with Unity, I’m finding that there is a bit of a balance that can be had, where you can use the parts of the framework that are useful, and you can jettison the “newbie designer no-codey” parts.

It would be nice to find a tutorial that’s like: Hey, here’s how to use unity if you’re not a Muppet. Not saying I am so great, it’s just, I’m not scared of code, or writing lots of it to get what I want.

I remember when I bought a book years ago for unity and tried to follow a tutorial, but the UI had radically changed, and following the tutorial was impossible — it just kind of peeved me off. It’s one of the reasons I shy away for courses and books on programming for popular platforms because some yahoo UX designer decides to move the options and buttons into some other panel and all of a sudden you’re like: Well, how do I just do it in code, cause I can figure out the delta between two API versions faster than I can reason the delta between two UI Philosophies.

I am probably just a curmudgeon.

Anyway, thanks for the reply, and awesome to see another HMH fan. I learned a lot from the episodes I watched (I haven’t seen them all).

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