A bit histrionic, but mixed with some truth. The issue is not with your facts, but your interpretations and predictions. I’d wish to freeze this post for a decade and them come back to it as an instruction about how being possessed of a certain ideology makes one's conclusions and interpretations predictably wrong.

Lions don’t care about the eyerolls of hyenas.

The underlying misconception here is that the “respect” of European nations or even most nations is the goal of global politics. The goal of global politics is compliance, not respect. America, in spite of the validity of some of your criticisms, has always been very good at this.

America is like the Joker. Its insanity and perfidy is a feature. This is basic Machiavelianism.

The foundational error of most political commentators is the unfounded assumption that rationality(TM) rules politics, or that it should or ever could. Of course, they mean their brand of rationality, which is really just their relative ideology.

Politics will always confuse you until you realize that, as Kat Williams put it, Politics is Pimping.


Nerdmatic, Programmer, Gamer, Production Engineer

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